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    Jul 03, 2012
    Buttons are not visible in web

    In an Ipad containing macintosh OS if we access a lotus notes domino database (nsf file)

    through Safari browser Action buttons are not visible.

    Can anyone suggest me a solution.

    Maheswari K

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    Hi and welcome.

    Im confused as to why there is a Mac OS on your iPad. You need to supply more info if you could please. IOS on a iPad will sound more like it, maybe you have the 2 mixed up. Until you correct this minor detail, we can't help, or i can't any further.

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    Jul 03, 2012
    Action buttons are not visible in web

    It is Ipad with IOS 4.3.5 and safari 5.0.2.

    Only text is visible and buttons ar not visible when accessed the lotus notes database in web. Please suggest.

    Maheswari K

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