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    Syncing photos from Iphone to Macbook

    I've had my Iphone 4s ever since april and I have a Macbook Pro ever since september 2010. I had had no problems syncing my photos from my Iphone to my macbook but now I connect my Iphone and iphoto opens automatically, but the images do not appear as thumbnails on the import window. The names appear but the images are gray with a dotted outline (as in the first image attached) and when I click import all I get an error message saying there was trouble downloading one image (second image).

    The I tried using Image Capture but it gives me an error message too (third image).

    I updated software in my macbook before trying to sync the photos, i'm using Iphoto '09 and Max OS X.

    I don't know what to do! Anyone know a possible solution?

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