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    Question iPad 2 [iOS 4.3.5] missing substantial amount of images in iPhoto?
    Figured it was worth a shot asking here... my wife is *literally* planning on getting a new iPad tomorrow; and in preparation was doing some house cleaning on her existing iPad 2 [iOS 4.3.5], she went to open her image library in iPhoto and after a rather long wait of waiting for iPhoto to rebuild the photo index, she noticed that she was missing a substantial amount of images (at least 5k images... yes that's 5 thousand image, not 5k of images). Are these images actually gone... or is this a result of database caching / indexing, are there any means of retrieving the missing images?

    Any help, or suggestions would be appreciated.... Thanks!

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    In iTunes> Your iPad>Photos what are the sync selections that you have checked? If you want to see them all then 'All photos, albums...etc" is the choice.

    (Also the latest iPhoto 11 update changes the attributes of the photos so that an older version can't view them)

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