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Thread: i-phone 4 and ipad2

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    i-phone 4 and ipad2
    Maybe its a dumb question but I have realised I am a techno-phob! I have an Iphone 4 and an Ipad2 wifi only ( partner bought it for me for xmas he's a worse phob than me!!) is there anyway I can connect the 2 so I can use my ipad for sending sms's ( my iphone gets no signal in my house for some reason) if this a dumb question then please excuse my ignorance lol

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    It's not a dumb question, but the answer is most likely "no."

    You're basically asking if you can use your iPhone's cell data to make a Wi-Fi hotspot that your iPad can use, I think. If so, you can check with your carrier about this, but you probably won't like the cost and options on that. And you can't really circumvent them (say, by buying your own cellular-based wi-fi hotspot), they'll just charge you like you'd gone through them anyway.

    My carrier, for example, allows tethering -- IF I sign up for their 1GB/month plan or greater. I barely use cell data to start with, so I'm not going that route.

    Besides, if as you say you get NO signal in the house, even if you tried tethering it wouldn't work.

    However, there is another option: iMessage. It's totally free and works great with Wi-Fi, even for video conferencing or sending photos etc along with just standard messages.

    iMessage is limited to sending messages to people who also have iOS devices like the iPhone (3GS and up), the iPad and the most recent iPod Touch models -- but that's hardly a "limit" in my world! Of the top 40 or so people I'm likely to message, I can think of exactly ONE that bought an Android phone.

    Of course, SOMEBODY's buying all those Android phones out there so be aware that iMessage won't work with those people. You may be able to buy a third-party app that will let you send SMS using Wi-Fi, but I find most of them require either than you pay something OR that the other party has the same app, which is not really practical in most cases (assuming you want to SMS more than just that one special person).

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