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Thread: iOS6 API for development

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    iOS6 API for development
    I am new to the iOS developer program and I am in the process of learning Xcode and objective-c programming. When I say I am new, I mean I have never written a single line of code before and am trying to teach myself how to get started. First any helpful resources that anyone may know of will be very much appreciated.

    Second, I registered for the Apple Developer program (free) and downloaded Xcode. The latest version of iOS that I can see in Xcode is iOS 5. Do I need to pay the $100 for the iOS 6 support and all the iOS 6 API's? I am trying to create a very basic app but I do want to include a few of the new iOS6 API's that were announced at WWDC.

    Thanks for any help ya'll can offer me.

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    quick answer: yes, you need to pay to get access to pre-release software.

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    Nov 22, 2011
    As far as development tools in Xcode, is there a difference in the Xcode software, other than the API's and support for iOS6, that would make app development any easier?

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    Apple is constantly improving Xcode. The current developer version is 4.4 DP4. If you intend to develop an app using iOS 6 APIs in the near future, you have little option other than to get the most recent version of the pre-release software and Xcode.

    You could of course wait until Xcode 4.4 goes final, which one might guess is likely to happen sometime around the time iOS 6 comes out, and each would then become the default. For a serious developer, $100 doesn't seem like a lot (to me) to pay to be able to work well ahead of the release, but only you can make that judgement call.

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