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    Cant paste password on Appleid site
    I get very frustrated every time I visit the AppleID site - They won't let me paste my password in. I use a strong password vault to store long, complex passwords for everything, and don't reuse any passwords. So when asked to type a password in, its a big challenge, even more so on my iPhone and iPad than on my Mac. Furthermore, typing passwords is less secure because a keylogger can see what I type, whereas with pasting they cannot. Does anyone else see this as an issue or am I missing something?

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    I haven't tested it but I'm sure it's a security measure not to allow password pasting. My online banking (Wells Fargo USA) likewise does not allow pasting of passwords and I use "1Password".

    Normally, you don't visit the Apple ID site often enough for it to be annoying. The only time you would visit it is to either obtain an ID or change the password for the one you currently have. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding what it is you're doing?

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    If you were using 1Password or something like it, this would be a non-issue.

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