I use the native iOS Notes app heavily, but problems keep appearing everytime I sync. First, all my deleted notes (the ones I delete from my iphone) reappear once I sync, and am forced to delete them over again.

Second, if I change a note, a pop up appears while syncing, saying that there is conflict. Even though I choose the correct ones, it keeps the old ones (and no, I didn't press the wrong button, I checked on two different occasions).

I never change any notes through my mac so I would rather that the mac by used simply as a backup for the notes app and would copy everything as is from my iphone unto the mac. Is there a way to do that?

P.S. I checked through the Mail app, and made sure that no notes are saved on it, but still old notes (those deleted off of both the iphone and mail app) still reappear, not to mention that changes made to notes that aren't on mail (because it stopped syncing to it, but are on a previous backup) get deleted after I sync.

Edit:I rechecked, and a new note appeared in Mail, but again, changes made to prexisting notes (that aren't in mail) were not saved and the old note reappeared.