Ok I turned on Icloud calendar sync on my Iphone4s, It asked me if I wanted to merge the events I said yes after it was done all of my calendars where listed under the Icloud but nothing was in the calendar. so I had to sync my iphone with my MBP in order to get my calendars back. now in my calendar lists I have (From My Mac) & (Icloud) when I uncheck from my mac and leave the Icloud checked all of my events are still missing until I check the calendars from my mac. I am confused what is the purpose of syncing calendar events with the Icolud if they arent going to show up in the calendar, does anybody know how I can fix this so I can sync my calendars with the Icloud. I have asked this question on the Apple communities site with no answer and asked the same on Iphone forums also with no answer.

Please Help