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Thread: duplicate events in ical

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    duplicate events in ical
    Hello I have searched the forums for the answer to this problem but other posts all seem to be concerned with synching iPhones or iPads which I - although I have an iPad I haven't needed to synch it with my iMac.

    Something I have done recently (or following an update?) has caused all new events I put into ical to appear twice. I sometimes get a message flash up that ical is unable to save the changes (or words to that effect) - also in finder - there is a synching folder highlighted in green which has just appeared and since this , the speed of my MAC has gone drastically downhill.

    I did install iCloud for the purpose of uploading photos a few months ago but haven't used it for that purpose as I need a lot more than the 5GB of space it allows. I have got my calendar info ticked in the iCloud and I understand that this should synch my ical to the cloud so I can access it via the internet.

    The problem is though that it has been running without a problem until very recently and now every event I add to ical appears twice!

    PLease can someone help?


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    Have you got 2 accounts in iCal on the mac, regular account and an iCloud accounr
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    This problem is USUALLY caused by the user forgetting to UNcheck the calendar sync in iTunes or turn off the iCloud calendar sync. In this case I'd bet it's the former.

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    Thanks for your suggestions I have since found that I had somehow got 2 gmail accounts assigned to ical aswell as iCloud. This seems ti have solved the problem.

    Thanks again

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