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    Need help with wifi re-setup
    I have been using the wifi in my home on my iPhone 4s for a while already. I recently decided to go from wireless-G to wireless-N. To keep things simple, when setting up the new wireless router, I used the same SSID (username) and password. Everything in the house is able to connect to the new wifi signal except for my iPhone.

    The phone allows me to "join" my wireless network, and it also displays the wifi signal on the top menu bar. But I noticed that it is not really connected to the network. I wonder if its because Im using the same SSID as before, but thought that should not make a difference.

    I have already tried the following:
    Settings > Wifi > Forget this Network
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    Please help if you have any idea on how I can get my phone to ACTUALLY connect the wifi network. Thanks!

    P.S. I know its not connected to the network because: 1) The internet is slow 2) I use it as a tv remote which only works when they're both in the same network 3) Facetime doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HueHolla View Post
    P.S. I know its not connected to the network because: 1) The internet is slow
    If the internet is working AT ALL, then you are indeed connected to the network. It would be impossible for the iPhone to be accessing "the internet" without going through a wireless network.

    My guess is that the iPhone is actually connected to a nearby network that is not yours. You can easily check this in system preferences, of course.

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    If you can see the wifi icon top left of the status bar on your iPhone it's definitely connected to wifi (yours or another).

    Is the N network you setup using 5Ghz by any chance?

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    Thanks for the help fellas. I finally figured out the problem with the internet. I would connect to the router but then the DHCP from the router would drop the ip address for my iPhone and other wireless devices that were connected to it. So the problem was not with the iPhone at all, but with the router. A firmware update recently fixed the problem. Appreciate the help either way.

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