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    How watch "TV Shows" on ipad

    I'm not looking for netflix or hulu stuff.

    I have a bunch of TV shows in .mp4 format on my desktop and I have transferred them onto my ipad in the following manner:

    1. Drag into iTunes to "My Ipad" folder - The TV shows populate in the "movies" section
    2. Select .mp4 files and select "get info," change media type to "TV Show" - the mp4 files move to the "TV Shows" section

    Now that they are on my ipad I can't figure out how to watch them. When I go to the "Videos" app I only see things listed under "Movies" and can't figure out how to switch to "TV Shows."

    I'm not an apple person and I don't know how to access my TV shows. I'm leaving on a transatlantic flight tomorrow so I'd appreciate a quick response.


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    So if I understand you, the files are fine in iTunes on your computer, but don't show up under the Videos app on the iPad?

    When I open my Videos app on my iPad, I have three tabs across the top: Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts. Touch the TV shows and it should show you all compatible files that are tagged as TV Shows.

    I'm not sure what the "My iPad" folder means so I'm not 100 sure you are moving the files to the iPad from your computer's iTunes. Maybe that's a Windows thing?

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    Same problem
    I did the same thing as the 1st user and changed the category of my videos as tv shows. I only have the 1 tab on my ipad labeled "Movies." I am perplexed at this point. The only way to watch these videos at this point is to recatagorize them as movies. Any help is appreciated...

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    You probably only have a "Movies" tab because every video file you have on the iPad has been categorized as a movie.

    In iTunes on your desktop, you can recategorize video files by getting info about them from within iTunes and changing the category. Then you just re-sync and the new tabs will likely appear.

    PS. If you haven't tried out any podcasts yet, you are missing out! They're free and great stuff! Grab a few that interest you and give 'em a spin!

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    Ok, I categorized one of the files as a TV show and it moved to the TV show category in ITunes, however, I can't see it on the IPad anywhere and there is no TV Show tab. I have 'Sync IPad' several times but still no tab. I have the new IPad 3. This is my 1st IPad. I'm sorry for the newbie question.

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    Since you haven't mentioned it, your videos would be found under the Videos APP (a separate app -- it's not iTunes, it's not iPod).

    This is what you're looking for:

    And this is what it looks like when you open it:

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    That is the Icon I select, however, when I select it, I have only 1 bar across the top of the screen that says 'Movies' only. There is a button on the far left that says 'Store' and a button on the far right that says 'Edit.' I don't have any other tabs in the center of the bar on my IPad. How did you get those? I have 2 IPad 3's and neither one of them have those other tabs.....

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    When your iPad is connected to iTunes, select it in the left pane then click on the TV Show Tab

    Make sure Sync TV Shows is checked.

    Now make sure that the list of TV Shows below have the seasons/episodes you want syncing are ticked.
    Not been around these parts for a while. Trying to change that . .

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    You are the man! It appears that I needed to add season and episode info to make it work. Thanks again!!!

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    Are there ITunes alternatives that anyone can reccommend?

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    Take a look at this list compiled by member "DougB": LINK

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