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    Jun 04, 2012
    .cdr file for mac 10.7. ...version
    my total office stationary design files were in window laptop in .cdr format
    now i have iMac how do i open those files
    there is no coral draw support beyond 10.1 mac OS
    anyone can solve this
    does adobe cs-5 has got any thing to clear this issue????

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    What version of Corel draw were you using, Illustrator can open some versions of Corel Draw files

    Have you still got your Windows machine running CD?
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    Jun 04, 2012
    yes window machine is still there
    but i want to discard it
    i was using coral draw 11

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    1. Open the files in Corel Draw.
    2. EXPORT them into a standard format (like EPS or better yet AI)
    3. Burn the exported files to disc or thumb drive or whatever.

    On your Mac:

    1. Buy Adobe Illustrator to open EPS files. You can preview EPS file in Preview but that's about all, you'll need a vector drawing program of some kind in order to work with your vector (formerly Corel Draw) files.

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    Jun 04, 2012
    thanks budy my need is to alter those file once in a while for advertise in some magazine
    just copy paste in corl draw and new adv. page for different size is ready
    i already have converted them to pdf to view when required but now i can't alter them in mac

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    As I mentioned, you'll need a program like Adobe Illustrator to work with vector PDF or EPS files.

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