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Thread: IPAD application with flash

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    IPAD application with flash
    Hi all!!!

    I am new on development of IOS applications and I need some help. I need to create an application that have to show some flash content and have to connect to external server, I think with an WebService.

    Do you have any recomendation or any limitation on this plataform?? I need to upload the flash content idealy with the same webservice, like a sincronization process.

    I think that the WebService application is going to be on PHP or Java Server Page.

    best regards!!!

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    Really, this isn't going to happen.

    I mean, I've heard of programs that handle the flash-to-HTML5 translation on the server side so it's possible in theory, but ... none of those programs have really taken off, which tells me the experience sucks.

    Convert your flash content is the real answer. Even Adobe gave up on mobile flash, that should be a clue.

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    You should be able to do this using the built in packager in Flash (see here for more info). From what I can tell, as long as the application works in Flash, you should be able to use the packager in Flash CS5.5 and up to create iOS binaries.
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