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Thread: My iPhone 3Gs does not recognise my Mac Book Pro via Bluetooth

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    My iPhone 3Gs does not recognise my Mac Book Pro via Bluetooth
    Hi, I'm trying to pair my iPhone 3Gs to my new 15" MacBook Pro (i7 Quad Core - 8Gb RAM - 750Gb HDD) If I use "Set up bluetooth device" on my MBP the MBP finds the phone and displays a pairing code. The phone tells me that my MBP want to pair with it. There is no option to input the pairing code on the phone so I click OK. My MBP reports that the pairing was successful and is listed on the phone's list of bluetooth devises but when I try to connect with my MBP, the phone says that my MBP in incompatible. So I'm thinking, 2 Apple products, incompatible via bluetooth????

    Any suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.

    I thank you all in advance



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    The iPhone (and iPad) use Bluetooth for only three things: audio pairing, keyboard pairing, some gaming communication.

    That's it. That is the total list of things the iPhone can do with Bluetooth to the best of my knowledge.

    Not sure what you are trying to do by pairing the two devices by Bluetooth, but anything you want to do is probably easier and more quickly done by Wi-Fi or direct connection, rendering the BT uses other than the ones I've mentioned fairly moot.

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