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    I am trying to use Apple Configurator, but it is really not ready for prime time. My latest issue is this. Since it defaults to "All iPads" when Supervising, I accidentally left it that way when I started a restore, and now the 6 other iPads I didn't want to restore are "Waiting....". I can't find a way to tell them to stop "Waiting...." besides plugging each one into the single available USB port and waiting for each to restore the incorrect backup, and then restore the correct backup on each one. Is there a way to reset this, or should I continue waiting for version 1.1 and hope this and many other "undocumented features" are fixed?

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    I have no experience with the configurator, but I would take one iPad as an experiment and do a cold reboot (hold down Home and Power buttons until the Apple icon appears) and see if that clears it.
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    Sorry, it's not the iPads that are waiting, it's the configurator. The iPads are fine, until I plug them into the configurator, then they will restore automatically. Not a huge problem, just a very annoying one.

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