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    HUH? UNITED AIRLINES on my iTunes receipt?
    Sorry I did not know where to put this thread but.....

    I was trying to figure out why I was changed 4.99 for downloading the latest issue of National Geographic when I have an in app subscription.

    I looked closer at the receipt and it says United Airlines in multiple locations. I was in the airport when I downloaded it, but I was using my own personal Verizon mifi hotspot. Did I really get taxed 4.99 because I downloaded in airport?

    (the reason is says store credit was because it drew from gift card balance)

    This is really bothering me.

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    Are you sure you were on your personal Verizon MiFi hot spot and not on the UAL terminal WiFi? It sounds like you were using the UAL WiFi when you downloaded and that may be why you were charged. In any event, contact Apple iTunes customer support and ask.

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    I think you are reading the bill wrong. There is a united airlines app. I use it all the time - as you can put your ticket on there. It is a free app - as reported on your bill.

    That 4.99 looks like you bought a NG magazine - single.
    National Geographic Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    You'll notice that on the side is in app purchase for NG - $4.99 for 1 magazine. The subscription counts for only the current magazine (when you sign up) and later. Earlier magazines are not part of the subscription under most magazine apps.

    For example - I signed up for Mac|Life - in May. May and June both say download or read - but earlier magazines give a price - which means I would have to buy them individually to read them. Unfortunately you don't get every magazine when you get a subscription.

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    Sorry to waste peoples time and bandwidth. I was half asleep last night when I wrote this forgetting that I had downloaded the United Airlines free app, but I still did get charged for Nat Geo issue when I should not have, but I'm sure iTunes will make good on it.

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    That's what the "report a problem" link on every receipt is there for.

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