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    Need a media center-like app specifically for PHOTO SLIDESHOWS
    I need an app that will let me view images in a decent slideshow mode from a location on another computer. The "multimedia" servers I've tried in the past have all had really terrible photo support. I want something that will work especially well with photos - i.e., no having to load each image as they come, starting off with a blown up version of the thumbnail and then taking a few seconds to load the full image, and by the time it's loaded it's time for the next image in the slideshow. Is there anything that will let me do this? It doesn't even really have to be an app, to be honest; it could be web-based as well, as long as it lets me view them in automatic slideshow form.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the first sentence of this post at all. Could you clarify that?

    As for a web-based slideshow, why not give Flickr a try? Costs nothing but a little time to set up a free membership, upload a few sample photos and see what the slideshow is like. Might meet your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    I'm not sure what you mean by the first sentence of this post at all. Could you clarify that?
    Have you ever used a media server? Like that, but for photos.

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    Why not setup the machine as a web server and install a gallery web app? You could try something like the aptly named Gallery or Plogger.
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    I tried both of those and couldn't figure out how to set either of them up with my files. There's over 3000 images, and they don't seem to want to import them at all.

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