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    blocking specific incoming iphone calls
    I am unable to find a setting for blocking unwanted incoming calls on my iphone. Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmrz999 View Post
    I am unable to find a setting for blocking unwanted incoming calls on my iphone. Suggestions?
    There's no way I know of to block specific phone calls directly from the iPhone. What I know can be done is to subscribe to Parental Controls and then you can set your phone to block certain numbers or to only allow specific numbers.

    If I recall correctly, however, blocking a number from phone calls does not block it from SMS.

    I think the Parental Controls runs about $5/month.

    BTW, I'm speaking of AT&T. I don't know about Sprint, Verizon and newer smaller carriers.

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    Thanks. I think that is so dumb not to have that service! How hard could it be? Anyway, I am receiving spam calls from one marketer but with many lines. They are claiming to want to do a political survey, hence they may subsequently claim to be immune to the do not call list. I am not yet willing to pay ATT $5 a month to block all the different lines they use.

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    Probably the best you can do, is as you identify phone numbers, assign them a silent ring tone.
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