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    how to disable iphone connection with itunes
    Hi there,

    me and my partner both have iphones. I want to sync my iphone with my laptop and her iphone with her laptop. However, her iphone always appears in my itunes 'Devices' section and i always have to eject it.

    How can i disable or remove this link?

    (i use to own her iphone which i did sync with my laptop. But how she uses it and i want to delete the link. But i can't seem to do it).

    thanks for any comments.

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    The newest versions of iTunes and iOS 5.x can wirelessly sync with each other. As long as the phones are in the vicinity of the computer, they will all appear. I get my iPhone and iPad appearing in my iTunes all the time.

    You have a couple of options.
    1. Disable auto-syncing for every device with How to Disable iPhone and iPod Auto-Syncing
    2. Disable auto-syncing with a particular device by clicking on it and under the summary tab uncheck "Sync with iPhone over Wi-Fi". Do this with her iPhone on your laptop and with your iPhone on her laptop..

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