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Irish_2417 05-16-2012 06:34 PM

Account Transfer/iCloud
Hello everyone,

A coworker of mine is having troubles with her account and is looking to do several things. She would like to have one single account for all her Apple needs (iTunes, iCloud) she would like to transfer all her photos out of her Mobile Me and place them into her iPhoto. She would like to update to iCloud so that all her devices work smoothly.

I am fairly tech savy but I never bought a Mobile Me account so I am not familiar with how it works. Here is what I am planning on doing.

1) (somehow) transferring all her photos to her local machine and placing them into her iPhoto.
2) Transfering her iTunes account (she used her work email) to her account so she only has to use one single account.
- Is there a way i can even do this? will all her purchases transfer to her account?
3) Update her computer to Lion and fully setup iCloud (easy enough)

Any advice would be great. Thanks!


chas_m 05-17-2012 04:15 AM

The photos in her MM account should *already* be on iPhoto, as that is pretty much the only way you can get them onto a Photo Gallery in the first place.

2 is not going to happen. Apple does not presently offer any way to consolidate accounts. She should just pick one of her accounts and use that for ALL purchases (you can use a different one for email etc just not purchases.

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