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    project iPad on screen wirelessly
    I would like to project a pdf slide show (or Keynote slides) on my iPad2 wirelessly onto a screen via an Epson 1775W projector. The setting is a conference room, hotel meeting room, business venue, or away from home in a location a) with or b) without the Internet. I have the following 6 components:

    Epson 1775W projector (includes 801.11.b/g/n plugin module)
    Apple TV
    Airport Express (latest version on order, not yet delivered)
    HDMI cable
    Apple Digital AV Adapter

    I'm getting conflicting inputs as to whether I can do this without an Internet connection via one of the usual service providers and their router/modem. I really would like to do this wirelessly rather than being tethered to an HDMI cable.

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    You only need:

    1. The iPad2
    2. The projector
    3. A Wi-Fi network (doesn't have to have internet but why wouldn't it?)
    4. Apple TV

    As of iOS 5, you can mirror your iPad to the Apple TV which is hooked to the projector using AirPlay.

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    Thanx Chas. Appreciate your advice and will try that solution soon when my Airport Express is delivered. I'm assuming that the Airport can provide the 'network', connecting the Apple TV to the iPad. This would be in situations where the IS no other network available.

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    Yes, the Airport is set up as the network by default.

    Another option that I use: I have my MacBook Pro hooked to the projector and a Wi-Fi network available. I then use a $15 app called Reflection to make the MBP a "Airplay receiver" so I can do the mirroring from there.

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    Hmmm... Well, my Airport Express arrived. I couldn't set it up and eventually got to a senior Apple networking guy. After a long session he told me a) I could not use the Airport to create a network in the way I wanted and b) maybe the Airport Express was possibly defective (I returned it).
    So I have concluded that I should use the iPad with Airplay to the Apple TV–Projector when I have an Internet WiFi connection (this works seamlessly) OR that if there is no WiFi then I should just be HDMI-tethered to the projector from my iPad.
    If I use my MacBook, of course there are more options, but I have been trying to get away with just a wireless iPad and AppleTV-projector type of setup. Oh well...
    But thanx for your help, which is much appreciated.

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