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Thread: Water Issue

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    Water Issue
    I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but I'm in a panic and can't find it. My iPhone 4S got water inside it today as a water bottle spilled in my bag and went through the Otter case. It didn't go in the tiny hole on top but it did get in other places I'm sure. I immediately shut it off but then didn't know how to remove the case & had to look online. I got my husband to help me & he turned it on without thinking. Now it will NOT shut off & the flash is permanently on. I blow dried it with cool air & have it sitting in rice but it is on not off because the slide to turn off button will not respond to my finger. Has this happened to anyone? I'm so sad.

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    Sadly we have had many members tell us about how their iPhone, Mac, iPod, etc, got wet. All you can do now is hope that it wasn't permanently damaged and let it dry thoroughly. If it was damaged by the spill, you can always bring it to Apple and have them swap it out for a refurbished unit. (For a fee of course.)

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    1. Yes it has been asked a million times or more. But I know it's still a new issue to you.

    2. You can force the iPhone off by pressing and holding the sleep and home button together for a few seconds.

    3. I would not hold out a lot of hope for recovering the unit.

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    You can try storing it in a bag of uncooked rice for 4-5 days to see if it will dry it out.
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    Need to see the apple service
    I think its a physical issue so, instead of doing this and that you should see the apple service for a confirmed and exact answer.

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