I work for a school district and primarily use PC's. We purchased 55 iPods and 25 iPads for use in our district. I bought a Macbook Air and downloaded the Apple Configurator so I can configure the device easily. I've been familairizing myself with the laptop and feel pretty good about it but need help with the configurator.

I need a multi-port USB hub and I need to know which one to purchase. Will a 2.0 12port hub work or should I get a 3.0 7port hub? Do I use one iTunes account for all the schools and just load the apps for a particular school into their profile? What are the 'groups' used for? I'm practicing on my iPod and updated the iOS and it set my settings back to factory settings is that correct and how do I stop it from doing that once I've got all my devices set up?

thank you!