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    made a mistake...need help
    I dropped my iPhone down a storm drain while fixing my daughters carseat. I'm going to hold out and get a blackberry then go back when the new iPhone comes out. How do I go about the following things:

    1. using my "@me" account on the BB.

    2. Getting my contacts from iCloud/Address Book to the BB.

    Thanks for the help everyone

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    1. I would think you would add the account just like any other IMAP-based account. There's nothing especially magical about an iCloud account -- except its lack of advertising -- over any other sort of IMAP email account.

    2. THIS part will be a lot trickier but I'm sure there is a third-party BB-to-Mac (and vice versa) sync tool like The Missing Sync or something that will do the job there. Keeping it in sync will be more difficult.

    Really though to save yourself a lot of bother I'd just suggest buying a used iPhone to tide you over. That way iCloud will just sync to it and done.

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