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    App with free calls to the U.S. and Canada.....
    I just got an invite to the Vonage Mobile app this weekend from a friend of mine. I get a bunch of invites for different apps from friends, but got told to download this because it has free calls to any US or Canadian number. I tried the MagicJack app earlier for free US calls and the quality was pretty bad.

    It looks like its using VoIP for calling and they have a peer to peer service for free calls between other users. Looks like it has texting too with photo sharing.

    Has anyone used this app? Is it really free to call? Seems like a lot in one app, but wondering about the free US calls....

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    Vonage = overpriced.

    You don't say where you are so its hard to help you with suggestions, but if you are IN the US or Canada you can use Skype on your mobile device as well as your computer. It's free for inter-computer calls, of course, but they also offer a $35/year unlimited calling plan for US/Canada, and for another $30 a year you can even be assigned a US number so people who don't have anything to do with Skype can call you like they would call anyone else. It works on Wi-Fi and 3G.

    That works out to about $6/month altogether -- pretty reasonable I'd say. The quality of the calls has been generally good, not perfect but no other system is either. Video calling on Skype is pretty "meh" compared to FaceTime, but FT is limited to Macs and iPhones (not that that's much of a limit really!).

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    If you only need to make outgoing calls (in other words, you don't need a number), you can call any Canadian or US phone number for free from GMail (assuming you are in one of those two countries). You can see rates here.
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