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    Advertisement on my iPhone Lockscreen!!
    While visiting in Columbus, OH last week, I looked at my phone to notice this on the lockscreen!

    This appeared for about maybe 30 mins to an hour and then turned back into the picture I had there before. I unlocked the phone and relocked and turned the sreen on and off and this advertisement didn't go away until finally on its own randomly. And no, no music or apps were running that would have caused this. Is this some sort of new advertising scheme Apple or AT&T is rolling out?? If so, it's ridiculous!! It's very invasive and instead of being able to see the picture of my son who was 5 states away at the time I had to deal with some lame advertisement! Someone please explain this!!

    Thank you,


    Edit: When I first noticed it I was logged into the wifi network of a hotel I was staying at but the image remained long after I left the hotel.

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    It's absolutely nothing to do with Apple.

    It was probably to do with the hotel you stayed at:

    Marriott stops ads injected into hotel Wi-Fi hotspots | Electronista

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