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    Help, I can't download digital downloads
    Every time I try to download from the wbdigitaldownload page into my iTunes I get a "Session Timeout" message. This will be my first time to try having a digital copy of a movie so I'm ******. I've got an iMac running version 10.6.8 and my iTunes is version 10.6.1
    I need to get this figured out before mid June, that's when this download will really time out.

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    i think that has more to do with the website but i can be wrong. maybe you have SSL enabled somewhere? this caused problems for me.
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    I agree with TheMacMania that SSL can cause problem like this. You can check security layers affecting them to download. You will be able to sole doing this.

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    This is a cross-post and has been re-solved on the OPs other thread.

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