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    Apr 30, 2012
    Siri + Reminders + (To Do List app) + Mac
    Hi, I've been tearing my hair out trying to solve this puzzle and haven't come up with an answer. Maybe someone here can help!

    I've been using Siri to enter "To Do" list items into Reminders while I'm driving, which is great. (But I hate reminders so I've been using 2Do, which pulls the To Dos out of Reminders). 2Do doesn't have a Mac app for my computer at home, and I need a way to sync and see/cross off items on my To Do list from my Mac. I've looked at Things, Remember the Milk, etc, but I'm pretty sure none of them are going to work for me because my ical is set up as a CalDav acct so that I can sync my google calendar with my husband's google calendar (and both of us to our iphones--which is a lifesaver!) and I'm pretty sure that CalDav doesn't support the To Do list necessary to get Reminders to sync onto my desktop via ical.

    So I'm still looking for the perfect iphone To Do app that plays well with Siri and has a Mac desktop sync scenario. I'm still running Snow Leopard--would the situation be helped if I got Lion? Or maybe there's an app that uses Dropbox? Or maybe there's a Geeklet (although all the ones I have looked at seem to pull the To Dos from ical)...although I'm a novice and using Geeklet definitely pushes my abilties!

    Thanks in advance.

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    yup, me too.
    Wondering the same thing.

    iPhone + Mac functionality.

    Of note, I believe the new version of OS X will have the "reminders" app on the Mac..

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