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    Possible to recover MMS content?

    Earlier today I accidentally swiped to delete a SMS conversation with some occasional MMS content (over the course of the conversation, 22 pictures). Once I'd realized what I did, I quit Messages, and then tried to re-open it. All of the messages were still intact, but when I tried to get to a picture, only the blue circle with the arrow would appear (no small preview on the receiving side of the screen).

    I did myself a fair amount of research, and stumbled upon this article, suggesting that at least the SMS messages are stored in ~/Library after they are deleted.

    My question, then, is whether or not the pictures themselves would be there as well. And if not there, where else should I look for them?

    This also brought to my mind the need to access the root directory, which, unless I'm wrong, isn't accessible by any easy means. I normally use iRip for such things (when I copy SMS conversations, it includes the MMS content), but it seems to have **** the bed, not working on either Mountain Lion or Lion. (If anyone's getting the error about having no header file, please let me know if you fixed it)

    So my questions ends up being would MMS content be stored where the SMS database is as well? And if it is, is the only way to get to that data via jailbreak?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    If the conversation was present when you last backed up you could restore back to that.

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