I've had my iphone 4s for a while now but didn't real need to put videos on it. Today I tried doing that for the first time and had a problem.

The video was read by iTunes and was transferred to my phone via iTunes. In iTunes I could see that the video was transferred to the phone and could play it on my mac from there. But on the phone was the problem. In videos on the phone I couldn't see the videos. I searched on the phone but nothing. It wasn't there. The funny part is when I used to go into videos before this it told me that there was nothing in videos and directed me to iTunes to buy some. After the transfer, it didn't do that; there was a search bar on top and a list with nothing in it. Plugging the phone back to the mac, I could see that movie in videos under the phone on the mac and could play it but it wasn't on my phone. Any suggestions?

I tried to press sync under movies in iTunes (as some forums suggested for other video related problems), but for some absurd reason that would seem to remove my entire music library on the phone. Still I haven't found the problem I have anywhere. Tried with other videos, still had the same problem.