I have been using a jailbroken iPhone4 with a gevey sim. Last week I got the phone unlocked, and now I wanted to upgrade my iOS 4.1 to 5.0.1, but before that I just wanted to clarify a few queries. I did look for similar posts but didn't have much luck so here I am looking for expert advise from all of you.
When I first got the phone, a friend did the jailbreak, and put in alot of apps, songs, movies etc. Since then i have added many apps myself through 'Cydia' and 'Installous', and added many tweaks too.
I have used the 'backup' option in the past using the iTunes, but never did the 'sync' because it always tells me that everything on my iPhone will be replaced by my iTunes - which is essentially clean with nothing installed on it.
All the apps / songs / movies that my friend installed on my phone are in his computer.

So that's my dilemma, how do I sync things on my iPhone to my computer? I can re-install a few apps, and may be some tweaks too, but it seems too much to sync and loose everything on the phone?

I am not sure "Authorize This Computer" option will be a solution for this problem, because the source is not with me.
Restoring from backup won't solve it either because that will downgrade it back to 4.1!

Would really appreciate if someone can tell me a solution to this problem, and to save the things on my phone befor upgrading (& later on jailbreaking to) iOS 5.0.1.

Take care,