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    Unhappy help! iOS update failed and ate my space!
    hello all, i'm new to this forum.

    i was trying to update my iPhone4 to iOS 5.something. So when i plugged it in, the phone naturally backs up. ok, that's fine. Let's call that incident "Backup 1"

    However, when trying to update my OS, the iPhone backed up again. Let's call this "Backup 2". Now, i didn't realize that i didn't have enough space anymore on my hard drive for Backup 2. So when i left the installation overnight and woke up the next day, it said that the installation had failed simply because of a lack of space.

    That's fine, and i can always create more space and update again, but what i want to know is where are the Backup 2 files saved?? I know about the Library/Application Support/Mobile Sync/Backup but that only shows me files from Backup 1. I want to delete that half-saved Backup 2 files so that i can reinstall/reupdate my iPhone.

    i know it's a stupid question but i couldn't find another person asking about this backup 2. always just about backup 1.

    Please help!

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    If backup2 did indeed fail the files will have been discarded. But either way, this won't have any impact on whether you can update you phone.

    Are you actually encountering an error when trying to update?

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