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    Does Siri read reminders & directions aloud?
    Does Siri read reminders aloud? I have set several reminders, thinking I'd hear her speak them aloud when it was time. If I remembered to look at the phone at that time, I wouldn't need to have a reminder!
    Same thing with the directions from the Map app.
    Am I doing something wrong? How do I get her to read them aloud? When I asked her to do that she said she did not understand what I meant.

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    I don't have an iPhone 4S so I can't provide you with a definitive answer, BUT from looking at the TV commercials, you can ask Siri "what does my day look like" and she will tell you about any reminders, appointments or iCal events you have set up. You may try saying something like "do I have any reminders for (day/date)?"

    On my iPhone 4, when I set reminders I can set an alarm sound either for a specific time or when I get to (or leave) a specific place. Maybe that's all you would need.

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    I don't think Siri can do what you are looking for, but you can tell Siri to set alarms and reminders then they'll go off at the predetermined time.
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    Well, zeeshanshahid, I guess they sorted it out in the 6 years since the last post

    The Links are useful, however.


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    iPhone 5, up to date iOS. I just asked Siri, "read my reminders" and she read the ones for today. I also just asked her to read my appointments next Tuesday and that worked too.

    I usually just set notifications and they ding/show up on my phone and on my laptop.

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