Hi, there, this is my first post to mac rumors and i really hope you guys can help me because i have gotten lots of help from this site form just reading.

Let me attempt to describe the situation as thouroughly as possible. I have a jailbroken ipod touch 4g with 8gb on a tethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak. I was trying to boot with my computer due to a reboot nesasary by a cydia package when i did not enter DFU correctly by incorrectly holding the buttons accidentally. I believe i have entered the standard recovery mode from itunes but my computer does not recognize the device at all. After watching a youtube video, i learned that you can get out of that recovery mode by holding both the home and sleep button till the device shuts down, then powering on the device to let it boot up. Recall that my computer still takes no recognition of the device whatsoever. Now the ipod it trying to boot up, but it always boots then flashes to a white screen. Then it says that it is charging as if it was out of battery. After its "charged" it begins to boot up again. I've tried many different techniques so i hope i see some thing i have not see before although i will try the technique again any ways.