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    weird app store pop-up
    this has been happening lately, but not always.

    when i DL an app from the app store i get this pop-up. the "unable to purchase" pop-up. why/what is it? and what do i do to make it stop popping up?

    as you can in the image, i was DLing yahoo, but got the pop-up for a previously DLed app, which i deleted.
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    I'd double check to make sure that you are signed into your iTunes account. You may want to sign out/in to be sure. That may be all you need.
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    One circumstance under which you would see this message is that you are signed in to another country's iTunes, not the one from which the affected apps have been bought.

    The fix is, of course, to sign out of the "wrong" store and back into the "right" store. You may also see this message if you are signed in to the "right" store but with a different account than the one the apps that need updating were bought under. In that case, you have to wait 90 days (I think it is) to switch accounts.

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