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Thread: Safari Plug-in or iOS Browser with Font Re-sizing?

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    Safari Plug-in or iOS Browser with Font Re-sizing?
    I've been really happy with my iPhone so far and I've seen no need to use any other browser than Safari on my Macs, but after I've seen that the Droid guys & gals can read text in their web browsers without having to scroll from side to side (cuz the text auto-resizes to the screen as you zoom), I've been wishing that I can do the same in Safari on my iPhone. Other than that, I'll take iOS over Droid any day of the week. Any solutions like that out there for iOS?

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    Not entirely sure what you're asking but you can pinch the page to zoom out to fit the whole page, or double-tap a section of text to zoom to the page width or you can use the "reader" function on the address bar to show just text

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