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    iPhone App's failing to update
    iPhone 4S, Not jail broken, running ios 5.1

    I've told the phone to backup to the cloud as well...

    Using App Store App, hit "update all" a couple of days ago in a hotel with a slow connection...noted several App's still has empty progress bars. Been home now for a day and jacked into my network. App's still have empty progress bars and are unusable. I've gone back to the App store app and again hit update all. 1 or 2 apps update, but most remain unupdated and unusable. So I power off, power on and try again...

    I'm out of


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    Have you tried downloading the apps on your computer and syncing your iPhone to update them?
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    Power off and power on.
    Cancel all updates, and then hit update one by one.

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    Not sure if this is related.

    My iPod Touch is just sitting on 'Waiting' on a single App update (iBooks).

    My iPad is asking me a load of security questions. Is this an Apple change to the App Store or a Con?


    Successfully downloaded stuff from the Store on iTunes and iPod Touch, but iPad still asks stupid questions.

    FFS why?

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    It's an extra layer of security:

    Apple begins requiring extra security for Apple IDs | iPodNN

    There's been a lot of account hijacking because most people are stupid and have very easy-to-crack passwords.

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