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    Question iPod Touch and photos - 17x drive space?
    I've got a fairly new iPod touch, and I have the newest version of iTunes here. Now I'm having a little issue copying a... generous amount... of photos to my iPod.

    These are standard JPGs, not progressive loading. Each image is approximately 60KB.

    Upon starting the sync of the photos to my iPod, iTunes tells me that it is going to take up 17 times the space the actual JPGs take up. Is it really going to take up that much space? or is it just perhaps that I have a large amount to copy, that it is having difficulty giving appropriate estimates? Aren't the iPod's photos normally stored on the drive as JPG files?

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    Apr 17, 2012
    And it seems, on top of it, it refuses to load a fairly large portion of the pictures, as the number of pictures it says it is attempting to copy is a lot less than the target number.

    The pictures it fails to load seem to change randomly every time, and since i cannot simply "add" the folders one by one, because it errors that the iPod is unable to play the media type... so I must sync it to get the pictures on. I've had the number vary from roughly 80% to 60% and to 90%... it misplaces the pictures, placing them in incorrect folders on the iPod, and just seems to be completely unable to do what it should..

    Is there any way for iTunes to just check the files on the iPod, then add the files it doesn't already have rather than removing all and recopying everything, every time?

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