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    Question seeking non-repeating sound for iphone alarm
    Here's what I want my iphone to do: make a sound (of my choosing/creation) at intervals during the day and then STOP making that sound after 30-40 seconds. That is, not repeat the sound ad nauseum (i.e. for 15 minutes) until I manually turn it off.

    I am using this as a meditation/breathing/mindfulness reminder, and I have tried and searched to find a way to get the alarm to play a non-repeating sound, but to no avail.

    I am hoping that someone in the forum may know of an app that will suit this purpose (I currently have multiple times set, but at this point am willing to have one that repeats at the same time each hour between 7am and 10pm, but can be set not to chime overnight). The KEY is finding some app (or way to modify the alarm clock that comes with the iphone) that does not require human/tactile intervention to make the chime/alarm stop sounding. Ideally, I'd like it to make three chime strikes and stop. I've got the sound I want recorded and set on iTunes, but the alarm clock makes that 30second recording repeat in a loop for 15 minutes if I don't turn it off. When I am in the middle of something or my phone is resting across the room, etc, this is a nuisance.

    I just want it to chime three times and stop, until the next time it's set to chime.

    Hoping for a simple solution - and grateful for any responses that help me move toward accomplishing what seems to be a simple goal.....but is eluding me!


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    Doubt you'll be able to do it with the default clock app. Have you looking into any of the App Store alarm apps?
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    The default clock app alarms do not have a setting for how long it goes off.

    Try searching for a Meditation app instead.
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    Smile Solution Found! Thanks!
    Thanks, Stretch and Deckyon for responding -- particularly as it reminds me to post that I have found a most wonderful solution in the form of

    App Store - The Mindfulness App

    which enables my phone to do EXACTLY what I want: chime one time and stop. I am loving it! I had searched under timer, clock, alarm, chime, meditation.....but it was a search under "mindfulness" that brought me to this app. Joy!

    Again - thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry! Much appreciated!!


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