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Thread: Apps Installed through Installous doesn't work anymore?? Help!!

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    Angry Apps Installed through Installous doesn't work anymore?? Help!!
    I am using apple iphone4 Os5.1 jailbroken using redSnow. Everything goes perfect and I am able to download and install all the apps! When i just use my phone with iTunes! My apps stops working after phone's reboot whenever i perform.

    I am just too tired of this apple's *hit. Why do they pain their customers with this iTunes sort of a thing.

    More than thrice I have restored my phone, but eventually it stops working.
    Any Installous downloaded application (Including Safari, Installous and Cydia) just flash and doesn't open.

    Please rescue me from this issue!!
    I will be forced to bang my phone in wall. lol

    HELP!! HELP!!!

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    Yeah, well if you would read the Jailbreak notes more closely you would see that the iOS 5.1 Jailbreak is a *tethered* jailbreak.
    Meaning that every time you want to reboot the phone you need to plug it into the computer, open redSnow and press the boot button at the bottom.
    If you don't, the jailbreak kernel will not load and none of the Cydia/Installous (The latter of which is illegal BTW, pirated software) apps will function.

    Oh and this is not Apple's problem. You're the one who is doing something to the phone Apple doesn't allow. Use it like Apple ships it (Aka, no jailbreak) and you will not have this problem.
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    Anymore iTunes isn't really required to use the iPhone. Not with iOS 5 anyway. However, since you're downloading cracked iPhone apps to begin with, it's not really Apples problem.

    How can you be mad when you're pirating stuff? I don't get it. If you just use the phone as it's intended and download the apps legitimately, then you won't have any issues.

    There are many ways to get free apps for iOS. Check out services like, apptrailers, and junowallet. Those all let you earn credits that you can use for cash or to redeem paid apps for free. It's 100% legal and no jailbreak is required.

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    We don't discuss illegal activity on this forum, therefore, we're done here.
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