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Thread: Switching from SMS to iMessage on iPhone 5.0.1

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    Smile Switching from SMS to iMessage on iPhone 5.0.1
    I was just wondering if there was a way to easily switch from SMS to iMessage on iPhone. I've been using both to talk with friends and relatives and whenever I have wifi I would rather use iMessage to talk to them than SMS. Is there anyway for me to do that easily? The last conversation I had with my friend, half of it was in blue bubbles and the rest was on green. It was kind of confusing.

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    it goes green when iMessage is not available on both sides - generally I run into that when one party is roaming. iMessage switches to whatever protocol is available automatically. If you dont ever want to SMS, to into Settings, Messages and turn off the "Send as SMS" however whenever iMessage is not available on the other end, it will not send at all.
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