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Thread: Looking to promote my new app... Any advices?

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    Question Looking to promote my new app... Any advices?
    We are finishing to develop our new app for iPhone and now I think how to promote it for users. To be honest honest, I am kind of a new to it, so probably facebook and twitter will be good for beginning. Does anybody have ideas about marketing for new app?

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    If its a decent app, get in touch with Mac and iOS blogs and ask if they'd like a promo code to review it.
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    Thanks a lot for hint. I actually had another idea to push my app by hiring a marketing vehicle. I read about developers who fell flat on the business and marketing side. So, I need more that just talk about my app and send a link to site. I am not sure though, where to find the right guys and what questions to ask.

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    Check out They can help you write a smooth, professional PR release with all the links that will be needed, and they get them out to all the Mac and iOS news sites.

    (I have no affiliation with this company other than having used some of their press releases for article purposes)

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