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    Blocking Phone Numbers
    Is there a way to block individual callers without having to go through my carrier?

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    iOS does not do this by default, but if you jailbreak the phone, you might look at this: How To Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS - How-To Geek

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    Just a note on this issue, which has been discussed MANY times.

    We have seen a pattern of posts which ask a question (like this one) as a first post, which is then followed up by another first time poster with the answer (usually an APP for sale).

    Not making an accusation, but realize we have ZERO tolerance for spammers.
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    Not really. The only way I heard is to assign a "silent" ringtone to a number and deactivate vibrate. That way you won't hear when that number calls. You will still see the missed calls though...

    Apps in the App Store apparently don't really work at all. I've done some research a while back when I switched my home phone number to an iPhone and wanted to get rid of telemarketers...

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