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    iPad randomly makes notification noise, but there are no notifications
    I have no clue what is causing this. When I am not using my iPad, it will sometimes make a noise like a new email came in but when I turn it on there are no notifications and no new emails. Any ideas?

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    Go to Settings->Notifications and see what apps have been given access for badges, banners and are in the "In Notification Center" group..

    Any of these apps would send up a notification without lingering around..

    I found a couple of games would send a notification if I hadn't played them for a couple of days, needless to say I disabled all notifications for these apps..

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    I turned off all items in notification center that had the "sounds" option enabled, it was only twitter and game center. I just don't see why it would play a sound without an accompanying banner notification or an alert on the icon like mail does.

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