Hi there.

First post here so please be gentle with me!

Ok, I have a little problem, maybe you can help.

I need to be able to find my location using Google Maps (that bit is easy), access the Google Maps Link data, specifically the "Paste HTML to embed in website" data from my iPhone and copy and paste that iFrame data into a WordPress site. All from my phone.

Basically I've already set up a WP site (http://transenduro.co.uk/transpyrenduro) so me and some friends can Blog our motorcycle trip through the Spanish Pyrenees this summer and I want, at the end of each day, to be able to get a location fix, quickly copy the iFrame data and paste it into the WP blog as a little "we are here" type of post for our friends and families back home so they can see where we are. We're riding offroad and travelling light so packing the MBP is not an option! Also it needs to be a quick operation, hence why the ready-to-use iFrame code is the attractive option here. I don't want to be sitting sucking Wi-Fi in a bar for 2 hours when I should be knocking back some cold beers!

So the iPhone, or mine at least, defaults to mobile view when I pull up Google Maps through Safari. I can change that to "classic" view ok and pull up a map no probs. Accessing through Safari seems the best option as I can't get to the links pop-up via the Maps app. However, the maps in Safari are so clunky and tiny on the iPhone screen that it's very difficult to get it to spot your location (try it, you have to "get directions", then select my location, then come out of get directions). You can pull up the link pop-up, but it won't allow you to copy the iFrame info.

Any suggestions? Any Apps available that can give me that info in a ready-to-use state like that iFrame link?

Thanks...in advance!