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    1HELP PLEASE iPhone 4 16GB (GSM) stuck in restoring process!
    So earlier today i backed up my iphone 4 ready to be restored and ready to jailbreak ( i like to make sure my phone is 'fresh' for the JB and then restore from a back up ) so i was going through the process of restoring my phone ready for the JB process. Then as this is happening my phone and itunes both just stoped loading and decided to just to totally stop but iTunes is not crashed and the loading bar for the restore hasn't moved in an hour i have not disconnected my phone yet. Could some one please help me it is in the first stage where the loading bar is under the apple logo and is loaded about 10% my phone has not been tampered with so i am assuming this is because of apple not me please could you guys help me ? BTW I AM RUNNING IOS 5.1 and i did do an over the air update from 5.0.1 to 5.1 but i have downloaded IOS 5.1 on my laptop to restore the iPhone to and this is the official apple IOS 5.1 downloaded within iTunes.

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