Hey Guys,
Have about 1000 (out of 3000) photos from recent holidays in my iPad that I want to retrieve off my iPad 2 (that I deleted from my Mac)

Thing is, when I plug my iPad into my Mac, iPhoto only shows 209 pictures. But my picture gallery (on my iPad) shows that there are actually 3000 photos in my iPad.

When I looked at the root directory, I can see that in the DCIM folder, there are only 209 pictures there. Digging deeper, the other 2791 are located in /private/var/mobile/Media/Photos/Thumbs in 50 different folders labeled: F00, F01, etc.

Problem is, they are all jumbled up, and renamed to files like DGJS.jpg, GLSK.jpg. I only need about 1000 out of the 3000 inside, and they seem to be randomly sorted across the 50 F folders.

Is there any method I can use to easily extract the photos I want? On my iPad they are nicely sorted by location tags, etc. Is there anyway I can just grab them without having to sort through one by one?

The reason this happened was probably because I rarely sync my iPad, and few months ago, on my Mac I had started a whole new iPhoto library, so perhaps during one of my syncs the older photos in my iPad were moved to the /private/var/mobile/Media/Photos/Thumbs directory?

In any case would really appreciate the help! I need to retrieve these photos as I lost a huge chunk of travel photos a few months ago, and these 1000 in my iPad are my last copy of them!

Thanks so much!