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    Calendar App that syncs separately from ical/icloud and exchange
    hi everyone -

    i currently only use the calendar app that comes standard with the iPhone 4s, but i use it for work and syncs with exchange, i want to download a separate cal app (week cal looks really nice) just to sync with iCal through iCloud with my personal mac... so basically i want two separate calendar apps, one for work and one for non-work... i downloaded week cal but both my calendars ended up syncing and my non-work events was on my work calendar (which is the standard iPhone calendar) and my work events was on week cal... which is exactly what i don't want... any input is appreciated... i'm open to other apps - not just week cal - that allow me to do this.


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    I'm not saying you shouldn't do that, but surely it would be easier to just set two calendars IN iCal wouldn't it?

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    Well, the work calendar isn't through iCal... so its two computers syncing into one iPhone and i want the cal from each computer to be separate... I'm not sure if that is possible?


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