I got my new Mac Mini yesterday (2.3 Ghz Intel Core i5, Mac OS X 10.7.3), and I've decided to give the Mail app (version 5.2) a chance, as I have several gmail accounts which I need to constantly be checking.

When I added each new account, it automatically started downloading emails, immediately it said it had 692 to download, and I just kept adding the other accounts, it said it had to download 8874 messages a few minutes later, so I let it work while I went to sleep.

This morning I checked and it was no longer downloading any emails, but my MAILBOXES only had a relatively small amount of messages :S
Inbox (between all the accounts it only has 696 messages total)
Sent is empty!
Junk is empty

Because the Sent carpet was empty I wasted some time researching online to see how I could download the Sent messages, finding recommendations that I would have to enable "POP for all mail" on my gmail account settings (Gmail Mail settings ->Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP ->Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded). I tried this but every time I saved the change and went back to look, it was back to being un-selected.

Searching in this forum I read this thread: http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/os-...-question.html, and although the poster is not asking about downloading the sent messages, I was thrown back by the comment:
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With POP on gmail you can select the date from which to start the download of emails. unfortunately if you're running Lion, then you cannot set up Mail with gmail POP...
Archive the server maybe?
So I started writing this thread to ask how I could download my Sent messages from my gmail accounts, thinking it might simply not be possible... as part of writing all the information, I wanted to write how many messages it downloaded per account (thinking it had only downloaded the 692 shown in "Inbox"... and I noticed that ALL my messages ARE ALREADY in my computer! They are simply not in the top "Sent" file (under MAILBOXES), but they are all in the "Gmail" file which appear right under each account name (there's MAILBOXES, REMINDERS, ON MY MAC, and below that are all the accounts I added). I browse to the right of the account name, click "Show", click on "Gmail", and everything is there for each account (All Mail, Drafts, Important, Sent Mail, Span, Starred, & Trash)!!

I thought about not writing this thread at all since my problem is solved, but I think its best to leave it, in case other new Mail 5.2 users think they need to do something "additional" to download the mails from your gmail account! The correct procedure is: let your Mac do it automatically! Lesson learned!