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    Jun 08, 2011
    Cannot change AppleID on Iphone
    Hi everyone!
    (I'm a techie from Cisco, so I already searched here a few ways, but no dice.)

    I had to change my AppleID recently, and it works great on my Mac, but my iPhone still insists on the old one, thus... I cannot get into my Apps to update, search, etc.


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    Jun 08, 2011
    Never mind! (I hope :-)
    Despite my earlier (run by Google, but it pays charities you choose every time you do a search)... I tried again and found a discussion on Apple to where you must restore your iPhone as a new one. I'll try that right now and post the results here for others.


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    Jun 08, 2011
    Restore as new worked!!
    It worked! Restore your iPhone as new.... Thanks again everyone! :-)

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